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9-Year-Old Boy Petitions Congress To Stop Horse Slaughter

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was joined by a 9-year-old political activist at the capitol on Tuesday to call for a permenant ban on the slaughter of horses for consumption in the U.S.

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Think Tanks' Growing Role in Policy and Politics

A growing debate over the politicization of think tanks is pitting scholarly-oriented purists against politically-minded advocates. Kojo explores the role DC's many think tanks play in policy and politics.

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D.C. Budget Highlights: What’s Cut, What’s Not

Anticipating a shortfall in the budget next year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray has released a budget plan that includes a number of cuts and raising revenue through alcohol sales and traffic cameras.


Boehner Eschews (For Now) GOP's Pile On Of Obama For Open-Mic Comment

One Republican who didn't seize on the chance to to jump on Obama for his open-mic remark to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was Speaker John Boehner who rarely misses a chance to use Obama as a political foil, and vice versa.

Just How Independent Are Independent Voters?

The number of Americans who call themselves independents is at a record high. But they're not the huge, impressionable bloc of swing voters you might think. Political scientists say most of these voters are what they call "closet partisans" — people who identify as independents but actually vote quite consistently for one of the two main parties.

Justice Department's Handling Of Sen. Stevens Case To Be Aired On Capitol Hill

Special prosecutor Henry Schuelke, who earlier this month issued a blistering 500-page report about the Justice Department's actions, is due to testify.

Cato Institute/Koch Brothers Showdown Has 20-Year-Old Roots

Billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch have poured millions of dollars into conservative causes. And then there's the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, which they're trying to take over. Many libertarians are furious. But the dispute goes back 20 years.

Tuesday Political Grab Bag: Supreme Court Gets To Nub Of Health Care Issue

The Supreme Court moved to take on the heart of the debate over the new health-care law's constitutionality... President Obama used humor to downplay a candid remark about missile-defense that was caught on an open mic... The EPA was expected to issue new rules to limit greenhouse gases from new power plants.