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In Ohio, China's A Top Campaigning Point

The Obama administration recently filed a complaint against China with the World Trade Organization. Meanwhile the two campaigns are having an ad war in Ohio over Chinese trade. Part of the reason is that Ohio's manufacturing industry — especially for autos — is firing on all cylinders.

In Presidential Ads, A Shared Strategy For Connection

In new ads from President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, the candidates talk directly to the camera. Obama is also putting out longer television spots. Why the change of style?

In Blue-Leaning Connecticut, Tight Senate Race Has Democrat On Offense

Former wrestling executive Linda McMahon, in her second attempt at becoming Connecticut's first female senator, is close in the polls. If McMahon defeats Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy, she'd also become the state's first GOP senator in decades.
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How The Electoral College Works

The presidential election will be decided not by popular vote but by 538 electors in the Electoral College. Debate over how America elects its president.


Citing 'Zero Tolerance' For Voter Fraud, RNC Fires Firm Over Florida Questions

A consulting firm hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in five battleground states has been let go after one of its workers apparently submitted over 100 questionable registration forms in Florida's Palm Beach County.

Presidential Debates: The One Area Where Campaigns Pitch Their Weakness

An oddity of presidential politics is that candidates and their campaigns spend nearly all their time telling voters how superior they are to their rivals in virtually every area: the wisdom of their policy proposals; the soundness of their judgments — everything, really. Except for debating.