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Republicans Review Election Results For Insight

This week's presidential election was very close in the popular vote. But it was a real blowout in the Electoral College. A GOP pollster says Democrats have assembled a majority coalition and that means his party has to make some big changes.

Opening Lines Set For A Deal To Avoid Fiscal Cliff

With the election over, attention in Washington has turned to the nation's debt and deficit challenges — most immediately $600 billion worth of expiring tax breaks and automatic spending cuts. Both the president and congressional leaders are signaling a willingness to work together to avoid a fiscal disaster.

Fixing Long Election Lines May Be Easier Said Than Done

President Obama, in his victory speech, noted that the hours voters had to wait in line are something "we have to fix." One solution: Spend more on equipment and poll workers. But that would be tough in this fiscal climate. Another is to expand early voting. But states such as Ohio have had their early-voting laws challenged in court.

Did SuperPAC Money Hurt Romney More Than It Helped?

Utlimately, the most important legacy of the first big-money campaign unleashed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling may have been allowing rich individuals to prop up Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — prolonging the bitter GOP primary fight and perhaps crippling Mitt Romney's presidential bid.

How To Cope If Your Candidate Lost

You volunteered, you voted, but your candidate just lost. How do you deal? Psychology experts suggest taking some pointers from — of all things — die-hard sports fans.

Obama Must Hit Ground Running As Fiscal Cliff Nears

Robert Siegel talks to Scott Horsley about President Obama's first day after re-election.