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Republican Firm Tied To Voter Fraud Allegations

Republicans around the country have been vocal in recent years about the need to crack down on voter fraud. And that's caused party officials to scramble to explain how a GOP firm could have been accused of submitting fake voter registrations in a number of Florida counties.

Democrats And Republicans Differ On Medicaid Fix

Medicaid is likely to undergo a major change regardless of whether President Obama is re-elected or replaced by Republican Mitt Romney. Democrats support a much bigger program. Republicans have plans to scale it back.

5 Myths About The Presidential Race

Certain things always get attention during a presidential contest, including debates and gaffes. They don't really matter, one political scientist suggests.

Judge Postpones Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law

In Pennsylvania, a judge has issued a preliminary injunction against the state's controversial voter ID law. In effect, the judge's ruling will allow registered voters to cast ballots in the upcoming election without showing the government-issued ID required by the law.

Pop-Up Politics: Beyond The Speeches

Can't wait for the presidential debate? We offer a "Pop-Up Politics" virtual face-off over key issues in the election. We've added pop-up bubbles to stump speeches to give context to the candidates' statements on the war in Afghanistan, energy and the economy.
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Free Speech: A Global Debate

An Internet video insulting the Prophet Muhammad sparked riots, but also an international debate about the limits of freedom of speech.


Judge Puts Pennsylvania Voter ID Law On Hold Through Election

Officials can still ask for identification, the judge rules, but cannot invalidate anyone's vote for lack of an ID card.

Romney Has Mile-High Expectations For Colo. Debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney are busy rehearsing for their first televised debate Wednesday night. In between practice sessions, Romney hosted a rally in Denver, where he scored the endorsement of ex-Bronco's quarterback John Elway.