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Jack Abramoff Calls D.C. Politics Dirty As Ever

Abramoff earned millions making deals and trading favors on Capitol Hill before being imprisoned on corruption charges. He's been called 'scum' and a 'bloodsucking bogeyman.' He speaks with host Michel Martin about his new memoir Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist.

Casino Jack On Ridding Money's Political Influence

Host Michel Martin continues her conversation with former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, notorious for serving three years in prison after pleading guilty to fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion. They discuss his new memoir and how money and influence are shaping today's presidential race.
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CQ Roll Call: Obama Not Likely To Step In On Super Committee

With the super committee impasse looking more and more certain, President Obama is unlikely to step in before the deadline. 

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Van Hollen Rejects GOP Super Committee Offer

Rep. Chris Van  Hollen (D-Md.) says the tax revenues deal that super committee Republicans put on the table this week was never a serious offer.


House Panel Questions Chu About Solyndra Loan

Energy Secretary Steven Chu appeared before a House oversight subcommittee Thursday to defend his agency's decision to lend $500 million in federal money to Solyndra, a company that made solar panels and is now bankrupt. The company is the subject of numerous federal investigations.

To Imagine A Gingrich Presidency, Look To The '90s

Newt Gingrich rose to prominence as the leader of the 1994 Republican revolution, in which the GOP took back the House majority after 40 years in the wilderness. During his reign, Congress forced a government shutdown, overhauled the welfare system, balanced the budget for the first time in decades and impeached the president.

Would Supercommittee Failure Roil Markets?

The bipartisan committee still seems far from an agreement despite Wednesday's deadline. There's concern that if lawmakers don't make credible progress on reducing the budget deficit, the impact on Wall Street will be severe.