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Romney Retrospective: The Business Candidate, Still Working To Close The Deal

Mitt Romney spent years lining up endorsements, donors and state-by-state victory networks. His meticulous strategy paid off in a long GOP primary and has kept him competitive in the general election campaign. It also has revealed glimpses of Romney's loyalty and how he handles mistakes.

Sandy Disrupts Early Voting, But Impact May Be Small

A number of East Coast states shut down early voting sites or made other election adjustments because of Hurricane Sandy on Monday. However, it's not likely to have a great impact on the election.

Pew Poll: Race Evens Up, But Romney Holds Turnout Advantage

A new Pew Research Center poll shows that among likely voters, the race is now a statistical dead heat with both President Obama and Mitt Romney receiving 47 percent support. And while Obama holds a slight edge among those registered to vote, a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats say they actually plan to do so.

Despite Hurricane, Justices Hear Surveillance Case

The rest of the government was shut down, but the Supreme Court justices were in court Monday to consider a challenge to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA. At issue was whether the case could be brought at all.

Want To Be Rich? Be Lucky, Know The Right People

Class, wealth and personal responsibility have dominated much of the national conversation throughout the presidential election. In the first of a three-part series, All Things Considered asks several wealthy Americans with very different perspectives how they account for their own economic prosperity.

Obama And Romney Respond To Sandy With Election (And Katrina) In Mind

At a time when both presidential campaigns would typically be hitting all the swing states, some were off limits owing to Hurricane Sandy. Still, with only a week left before the election, the campaigns both had to find ways to continue their efforts while heeding Hurricane Katrina's lessons.