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Pelosi Rival's New Ad Features Two Sacrificial Lambs, Including Himself

Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Republican challenger, John Dennis, attacks her with a weird zombie ad. In 2010, an ad of his portrayed her as the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. That helped him get 15 percent of the vote.

Political Ad Wars Fought On New Battlegrounds

NPR's Ari Shapiro spent a week in one city in a battleground state, Colorado Springs, where campaign spending has tripled since 2008. He discovered how it's changing, and the campaign strategy behind targeting specific ads for specific markets in hopes of winning over undecided voters.

Voters Angry At Washington Gridlock May Want To Look In The Mirror

It's easy to blame politicians for failing to set aside differences and work together. But many political scientists believe that voters share the blame. Americans increasingly view the world through separate, partisan lenses and have turned compromise into a political liability.
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Analysis: Eric Cantor Favored In Virginia's 7th Congressional District

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about Republican Rep. Eric Cantor's rising star status.


With First Debate This Week, We Really Are In Campaign's Final Stretch

Campaigns have many milestones. The debates mark the last. In just a little more than a month, the 2012 presidential campaign will finally be over.

Will The Debates Determine The Outcome? History Says It's Debatable

After everything that's happened — the primaries, caucuses, V.P. picks and conventions — it's now time for the debates. They have the capacity to change the dynamic. But, more times than not, they don't.

Opponents Remind Voters Jesse Jackson Jr. Is MIA

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is still running for office but has been out of sight for months. He is being treated for a bipolar disorder, and his wife says he will return to work when he gets his physician's permission. Three other candidates are campaigning for the seat.