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Congress May Skip Payroll Tax Showdown This Time

Congress appears to have avoided another fight over the payroll tax reduction that has been pumping billions of dollars back into the economy. There may even be a deal ahead on jobless benefits and payments to Medicare doctors. Those issues had Congress in knots back in December.

N.H. Lawmakers Consider Rolling Back Gay Marriage

Opponents of same-sex marriage believe that if a Democrat-dominated Statehouse could vote in gay marriage, a Republican-dominated one may be able to vote it out. A bill to repeal the law has the backing of some top leaders in the GOP-controlled Legislature, but rescinding rights is never easy.

The TV Battle in Mich.: Santorum's True Conservative Vs. Romney's Native Son

Santorum makes the case that not only is he an authentic conservative but the most electable GOP candidate versus President Obama. Romney's ad, on the other hand, is more biographical, intended to reinforce his Michigan roots for voters. His ad, called "Growing Up," also aims at leveling Romney with average voters by showing him driving a car around what appears to be Detroit or its suburbs.
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Profanity-Laden Shouting Match Colors D.C. Council Retreat

The D.C. Council met for a retreat at the D.C. Convention Center Wednesday, and the change of setting didn't prevent certain councilmembers from engaging in a shouting match.


GOP Leaders Support Payroll Tax Extension

Congress only has two weeks before inaction would result in a tax hike for 160 million Americans. The payroll tax cut extension passed in late December is set to expire at the end of the month.