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Expert: Pollsters Undersampled Paul's Young, Indie New Hampshire Voters

Did pollsters underestimate the strength of Rep. Ron Paul's New Hampshire support because they didn't include enough younger voters in their sample? Yes, says a Washington, D.C.-based pollster in a piece on the Campaign and Elections website.

Sign The End Is Nigh For Huntsman? In Hypothetical, Colbert Beats Him In S.C.

A poll found the Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert, who wanted to be on his home state's ballot, would beat Jon Huntsman by one point.
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Recall Effort Launched To Oust Gray and Brown

Recall proceedings have begun in D.C., as an activist is seeking to oust Mayor Vincent Gray and council chairman Kwame Brown for breaching the public trust.


GOP Candidates Turn Attention To South Carolina

Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry all hope to derail Mitt Romney's front-runner status in the South Carolina primary. Former South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis joins NPR's Ken Rudin for a preview of the Palmetto State primary.
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Virginia Dems To Push For Health Insurance Exchange

With the Virginia legislative session beginning Wednesday, Democrats are pushing legislation that will allow for the formation of a state-run health insurance exchange.


What N.H. Win Means For Romney's White House Bid

Mitt Romney is building momentum with wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. But he still faces criticism from fellow Republican rivals as the candidates turn toward South Carolina's primary. Host Michel Martin discusses the latest political news with U.S. News and World Report Columnist Mary Kate Cary and journalism professor Cynthia Tucker.
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Maryland General Assembly Prepares For Jam-Packed Session

The Maryland General Assembly has its work cut out for it during this year's session, with several major proposals -- including gay marriage, a gas tax increase, and a wind power expansion -- slated to cross members' desks.