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In Change Of Pace, Obama Supports Gay Marriage

After years of "evolving" on the issue of gay marriage — and just days after his vice president embraced the idea — President Obama said Wednesday that he supports same-sex marriage. Melissa Block talks to Scott Horsley for more.

Lugar The Latest Moderate Republican To Lose Office

Audie Cornish talks to former Missouri Sen. John Danforth about longtime Sen. Richard Lugar's defeat in Indiana and the overall status of moderate Republicans.
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Van Hollen: Cut Defense Spending Or End Tax Loopholes

There's a push on Capitol Hill to unwind the steep cuts to the Pentagon budget triggered by the failure of the super committee last year, but Rep. Van Hollen insists don't target social programs to do it.


Romney's 1996 Help To Colleague Hits Airwaves Again

Mitt Romney's superPAC is spending upward of $4 million on TV ads in nine key swing states in its first major media buy of the general election. One ad emphasizes Romney's compassion and generosity. But some say it may overstate the importance of his actions in helping a colleague's daughter.

Fellow Senators Mourn Richard Lugar's Defeat

That the U.S. Senate is becoming less collegial, less thoughtful, less bipartisan has been a lament of recent years — and is likely to get even more prevalent now that 36-year veteran Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., has lost his GOP primary.