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Tea Party Texan Cruz Gives GOP Hope In Hunt For Hispanic Votes

Sen.-elect Ted Cruz is a bright young Hispanic star who will be sworn in this week in Washington. Many in the GOP hope he'll be able to bring more Latino voters into their column. But Cruz takes a Tea Party hard line on immigration.
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Maryland Bans Arsenic In Chicken Feed

Maryland became the first state to prohibit the use of additives containing arsenic in chicken feed Tuesday.

Ball In Boehner's Court After Senate Approves Fiscal Cliff Deal

In the wee hours of New Year's Day, the Senate voted 89-8 to approve a compromise deal on the "fiscal cliff." The measure now goes to the House for a vote that could take place as soon as Tuesday.

Justice Wants Banks To Be Quasi Cops

The Bank Secrecy Act requires financial institutions to be on the lookout for sketchy transactions. The law is 40 years old, but federal prosecutors just recently put more energy into enforcing it. They want banks to spot illegal transactions and blow the whistle before money changes hands.

How 'Deferred Action' Will Affect Classrooms

The new year could bring new challenges to the nation's schools and students. Host Michel Martin discusses what's ahead with NPR Education Correspondent, Claudio Sanchez. He says immigration policy and the demand for Pell Grants could have a huge effect on American education in 2013.

Chief Justice John Roberts On Fiscal Woes: Don't Look At Us

The leader of the judicial branch of government uses his end-of-year report on the state of federal courts to highlight efforts to trim government costs, and to note: "For each citizen's tax dollar, only two-tenths of one penny go toward funding the entire third branch of government!"

White House Website Draws Petition To End All Petitions

We the People is supposed to be an online way for the public to petition the president. It's being used by advocates to score political points. Media critic and blogger Jeff Jarvis says it's time to stop the stunts. So he has, of course, started a petition.

Deal To Avert 'Fiscal Cliff' Appears Likely

Vice President Joe Biden was meeting late Monday with Senate Democrats to brief them on a proposed deal to stop the sharp tax increases and spending cuts. The Senate may vote on the deal Monday night, but there will be no vote in the House until Tuesday at the earliest.

Arizona Democrat Kirkpatrick Making Capitol Hill Comeback

Rep.-elect Ann Kirkpatrick is returning to Washington this week after sitting out a term following her 2010 defeat. This time around, Kirkpatrick hopes to strengthen her foothold in a swing district, but she's dealing with a tricky electorate.