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The Politics Around Obama's Gay Marriage Support

What's been going on in the White House on same-sex marriage shift? Was this a forced moment or an orchestrated presentation of a policy change? Mara Liasson talks to Audie Cornish about the key elements of the internal and external politics in the days before and after the president's announcement.

Mourdock's Demeanor Masks Conservative Fervor

Republican Richard Mourdock, who crushed longtime Sen. Richard Lugar in Indiana's GOP Senate primary, is a Tea Party conservative with a low-key persona. "I never got hit with the charisma stick," he says. Mourdock equates his political style and his marathon-running mantra: "You just keep going."

Reaction To Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Suppport: From Serious To Silly

The response to the president naturally cut across the ideological spectrum. It also ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Country Reacts To Obama's Approval Of Gay Marriage

Three days after Vice President Joe Biden voiced his own support, President Barack Obama described his "evolution" on the issue and became the first sitting president in U.S. history to declare himself in favor of same-sex marriage. Listeners react to the news.

Obama Heads To Hollywood; Conservative Group Mocks 'Celebrity President'

On Thursday, some of Hollywood's top stars and deepest pockets will congregate at the Studio City, Calif., home of actor George Clooney to mingle with President Obama and raise money for his re-election campaign. At least one conservative group is deriding Obama as a "celebrity president."
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Being Gay And Republican In The Nation's Capital

With the headlines full of national debate over same-sex marriage, what is it like to be gay and Republican right now, especially in a Democratic-leaning city such as Washington, D.C.?


Romney: 'Back In High School, I Did Some Dumb Things'

Mitt Romney on Thursday apologized for pranks he played in high school that "might have gone too far," after The Washington Post reported on his alleged participation in the bullying of a student often teased for his "presumed homosexuality." Romney said he didn't remember the particular incident.