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Obama And Romney Respond To Sandy With Election (And Katrina) In Mind

At a time when both presidential campaigns would typically be hitting all the swing states, some were off limits owing to Hurricane Sandy. Still, with only a week left before the election, the campaigns both had to find ways to continue their efforts while heeding Hurricane Katrina's lessons.

Politics At Work: What Crosses The Line?

With just over a week left before what may be another very tight election, many offices are seeing more and more heated conversations about politics. But what are the rules? Employment lawyer John Barr and human resources expert Lynn Taylor talk about the collision of politics and the workplace.

Hurricane Sandy Throws A Wrench Into Early Voting

The fearsome storm has shut down early voting in multiple states and disrupted the presidential candidates' campaign schedules. Sandy may wreak havoc as it claws up the East Coast, but voting experts say its impact may fizzle come Election Day.
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Hurricane Sandy Slows Down Presidential Campaigning

Hurricane Sandy is slowing last minute efforts to tilt this year's election in our region.


Hurricane Sandy, Unwelcome Guest For Elections

Hurricane Sandy has thrown an unexpected curveball into the presidential campaigns, with just over a week left until Election Day. Host Michel Martin discusses how this might impact the race with Pulitzer-prize winning columnist and journalism professor Cynthia Tucker, and Janice Crouse, a senior fellow with Concerned Women for America.

Republicans On Path To Retaining Control Of The House

After three successive "wave" elections in the House, it looks like there will be little net change in 2012. And that means the Republicans are favored to retain the majority they won two years ago.