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Obama Hits Romney, GOP Congress On Housing (Without Naming Them)

Obama's remarks came just days before the Nevada caucuses in which Republican voters will state their preference for GOP presidential nominee. Nevada, of course, is a swing state. It also has among the highest foreclosure rates in the nation so the timing of Obama's announcement certainly could be interpreted as sending voters a message about where their self-interest lies.
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Virginia Tables Request To Reclassify Marijuana

A bill that would have formally called on the fed to reconsider marijuana's classification as a Schedule II drug has been tabled in Virginia's House.


A Look Ahead To The Maine And Nevada Caucuses

Mitt Romney bounced back from his second place South Carolina finish and won the Florida GOP primary Tuesday. NPR's Ken Rudin discusses those results. Maine Public Broadcasting's Jay Field and the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Steve Sebelius preview the caucuses that begin Saturday in those states.

Wash. Governor Discusses Legalizing Gay Marriage

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire announced her support of same sex marriage in January 2012, reversing her previous stance. The state Senate is expected to pass a bill Wednesday that would make Washington the seventh state, along with the District of Columbia, to legalize gay marriage.

Occupying The Nation's Attention, If Not Its Cities

Most of the Occupy Wall Street protesters have gone home, but they have left a cultural and political legacy that will likely shape the debate about economic fairness in America for some time to come — and have a direct impact on the 2012 elections.

In Vegas, Political Race Is Just Another Sport To The Oddsmakers

The online sports book Bovada favors Mitt Romney to win the GOP nomination. But it still gives President Obama the edge in the general election against any Republican challenger.