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As The Capitol Turns: Little Has Changed In Congress' New Season

The cast of lawmakers and their leaders in the new 113th Congress is mostly unchanged. The same can be said for Capitol Hill's never-ending drama over taxes, deficits and spending.

Often Written Off, Biden Has Long List Of Deals To His Name

The "fiscal cliff" wasn't the first time Vice President Joe Biden has helped carry a deal across the finish line. Though critics dismiss him as a gaffe-prone windbag, he has reached across the aisle many times to get compromises through Congress.

Obama Expected To Nominate Former Sen. Hagel For Top Pentagon Post

Chuck Hagel, the Republican from Nebraska, is likely to support a more rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
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New Approaches To Local Civic Engagement

We chat with the curators of two of Washington's online communities about a new project to help voters understand an upcoming special election in D.C.

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Congress Approves $9B In Federal Flood Insurance For Sandy Victims

Congress officially passed $9 billion in federal flood insurance money, which will go towards victims of Superstorm Sandy, including the 800 afflicted families in Maryland.


Obama (Officially) Wins! Electoral College Votes Tallied Before Congress

On Friday, it was confirmed that President Obama won the election with 332 electoral votes tallied in his column. Of course this is old news. But the formal count mandated by the Constitution took place before a joint session of Congress, heavy on ceremony and light on attendance.