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What Romney's Run Means For Mormonism

Win or lose on Election Day, Republican Mitt Romney has already made history as the first Mormon to win a major party presidential nomination. But has his race for the White House changed Americans' perceptions and stereotypes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Well-Liked Leaders Know The Secret: Make Us Laugh

Funny lines, well-delivered can help a president's popularity. Whether they're spontaneous or carefully crafted, they have the power to persuade. Michael Phillips-Anderson, assistant professor at Monmouth University, says laughter helps us believe politicians will govern in a way we like.

If Presidential Election Held Today, Clint Would Beat Oprah

Yes, another poll. But this one could make both Democrats and Republicans smile.

Obama Returns To The Campaign Trail Post-Sandy

President Obama returned to the campaign trail for the first time since Sandy struck the U.S. His swing-state tour started in Wisconsin against a backdrop of high approval ratings from voters — and Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — for his management of the federal response to the disaster.
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David Von Drehle: "Rise to Greatness" (Rebroadcast)

The story of Abraham Lincoln's rise to greatness in 1862, America's most perilous year.


Why The White House Glass Ceiling Remains Solid

Despite all of the possible female candidates waiting in the wings, many political observers express doubt that a woman will be elected president — or even nominated — in the near future. Which is weird. Because in just about every other aspect of American life, women are taking over.
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Latino Influence, Voter Rolls Grow In Battleground Virginia

Researchers say 50,000 Latinos become eligible to vote in the United States every month. And in closely-contested states such as Virginia, this population can greatly influence the electoral outcome.