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GOP Objects To 'Millionaires Surtax'; Millionaires We Found? Not So Much

The Senate has again rejected proposals to extend the payroll tax holiday through next year, with Republicans objecting to using a "millionaires surtax" to pay for it. NPR tried to find millionaires who also object — but with little success.


Obama Pushes Agenda Despite Losses On The Hill

On Thursday, a bid to extend the payroll tax cut failed in the Senate, and Republicans blocked the president's nominee to head a new financial watchdog agency. But the White House is still convinced President Obama is winning the broader political argument.

Obama In No Appeasing Mood As He Goes After Republicans

President Obama has been accused of appeasement by both political supporters and foes. Liberals says he's been too willing to compromise. Republicans say he's not doing enough to constrain U.S. enemies in the Middle East, specifically Iran. At a news conference Thursday, Obama said, "Ask Osama bin Laden ... whether I engage in appeasement."
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D.C. Voting Rights Object Of Hunger Strike

Three Occupy DC protesters have promised to drink only water until Congress grants D.C. legislative and budget autonomy.


Why Some Evangelicals Back Thrice-Wed Gingrich

The former House speaker, who cheated on his first two wives and was fined by Congress for ethical violations, is outperforming family man Mitt Romney among evangelical Republicans in key states. Says one influential Iowa conservative: "The centerpiece of our faith is forgiveness."