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Analysis: More GSA-Fueled Spending Crackdowns, Fewer Bonuses For Federal Employees

Federal agencies are now seeing specific mandates on limits to travel spending and conferences after the Las Vegas conference scandal. GovExec Editor Tom Shoop talks about the latest policies affecting federal employees.

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Colin Powell: "It Worked For Me: In Life and Leadership"

Retired four star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell reflects on life lessons and the controversies he faced in the months before the U.S. war in Iraq.


Minority Rules: Who Gets To Claim Status As A Person Of Color?

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's claims of Native American heritage seem uneasy to swallow. But why? What does it take to be considered an ethnic minority, and what does the controversy say about the way we judge ethnic backgrounds?

Biden On Bain: Romney 'Thinks This Experience Will Help Our Economy?'

The Obama campaign on Wednesday escalated its attack on Mitt Romney's business career, with Vice President Joe Biden scheduled to aggressively question how Romney's management of the private equity firm Bain Capital might translate into running the U.S. economy.

Candidates Gird For A 'Scorched Earth' Campaign

With both the economy and his own poll numbers weaker than he'd want them to be, President Obama has launched attack ads against Mitt Romney that are unusually blunt for this early stage of a campaign. And Romney has responded with a few roundhouse rights of his own.
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Archdiocese Criticizes Georgetown For Inviting Sebelius To Graduation

Georgetown University is taking heat from the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington for its decision to have Kathleen Sebelius speak at a ceremony during graduation events this weekend. 


Is There Racial Bias In Clemency Decisions?

Nearly 20 years ago Clarence Aaron was sentenced to three life terms for his involvement in a drug deal. His request to have his sentence shortened was denied by the White House in 2008. Now a story by ProPublica's Dafna Linzer reports the Bush administration was not told key facts before deciding on it. Host Michel Martin speaks with Linzer.

Neither John Edwards Nor His Mistress Testify At Corruption Trial

His attorneys also will not call Edwards' adult daughter to the stand. He's accused of using campaign funds to try to hide his affair and a daughter Rielle Hunter delivered.

Little-Known Lawmaker Upsets GOP's Senate Plans In Nebraska

Republican voters in Nebraska defied the expectations of pundits and the intentions of outside groups, nominating a little-known rancher and state lawmaker to run for an open U.S. Senate seat. Deb Fischer, 61, will face a former governor and former senator, Democrat Bob Kerrey, in November.