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Republicans Consider Breaking Tax Vow

Congress comes back to work this week and the fiscal cliff is its top priority. Some Republicans have said they'll break a longstanding pledge not to raise taxes. Host Michel Martin talks politics with columnist Mary Kate Cary of U.S. News and World Report and The Root's political correspondent Keli Goff.
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Analysis: D.C. Area Lawmakers Crucial To Fiscal Cliff Discussion

Lawmakers are heading back to Capitol Hill this week for four intense weeks of negotiations to avoid a wide swatch of pending across-the-board budget cuts and tax increases. CQ's David Hawkings looks at local lawmakers' roles.

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Republicans Put Revenue On The Table Ahead Of Fiscal Cliff Talks

Republicans seem to be backing away from the anti-tax-increases pledge they made to tax activist Grover Norquist, and Democrats are ramping up pressure on their GOP counterparts going into "fiscal cliff" negotiations.


Young Voters Key In Obama's 2012 Win

The Pew Research Center has a new analysis of the role young voters played in the 2012 presidential election. Although President Obama's margin of victory in this group was not as wide as four years ago, the 2012 results show that the generation gap persists.

At His Own Risk, Somali Chef Creates Gourmet Haven In War-Weary Mogadishu

London-raised Ahmed Jama won't give up on Mogadishu, even though his restaurants have been attacked by suicide bombers more than once. In fact, he's leading the city's cultural revival, one dish at a time, by offering residents and visitors a taste of authentic Somali cuisine and hospitality.