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Fred Who? He's Republican, He's Gay, And He's Competing For Michigan Delegates

As better-known candidates hunt for votes in Michigan's Republican primary, the first openly gay GOP presidential hopeful is plotting a minor upset. Fred Karger is focusing on one congressional district in the hopes of winning a few delegates to the national convention.

From George Romney To Mitt, A Shrinking Tax Rate

Mitt Romney's tax returns show he pays an effective rate of just under 15 percent. His father, George, paid two to three times that rate. What one family's changing tax burden reveals about the design of the American tax code.

Romney Makes Economic Pitch In Detroit

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney delivered an economic address at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, on Friday in advance of the state's primary on Tuesday.
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Pentagon Official Apologizes For Burning Quran

A senior Pentagon official apologized to Washington-area Muslims, for burning Qurans at a military base in Afghanistan.

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WaPo's McCartney: Gay Marriage Passes In Maryland, McDonnell Withdraws Support From Ultrasound Bill

Maryland lawmakers passed the contentious same-sex marriage bill this week, while Virginia's Governor withdraw support from a bill requiring that women have an ultrasound before an abortion.

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Virginia Republicans Defend Mercury Paper

Prominent Virginia Republicans have stepped up to defend Mercury Paper, which stands accused of using protected rainforest materials in their paper products, prompting questiond of impropriety.


How Lawmakers Lost Their Sense Of Shame

Today's media environment only encourages outrageous statements. Attacking Girl Scouts, threatening to kill U.S. senators and invoking the Bible to limit teachers' pay have all drawn headlines for lawmakers in recent weeks.

It's All Politics, February 23, 2012

Was the shootout in Mesa the last debate of the primary season? We're already suffering from withdrawal! This week we recap the debate, and look ahead to Michigan, Arizona and Super Tuesday. And — wait for it — Buddy Roemer leaves the GOP race for president to run as an independent.