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Property Tax Hike Likely In Montgomery County

The proposed budget in Montgomery County includes a bump to property taxes, but some in the county council would prefer to increase revenues by targeting tax credits instead.


SuperDonor Backs Romney — And Gay Marriage

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has given $1 million to Restore Our Future, the superPAC supporting Mitt Romney. Singer is a longtime donor to GOP causes, but he's also a high-profile, big-money advocate for gay marriage.

'Veep-Stakes:' Picking Romney's Dream Running Mate

If you could craft the perfect vice presidential candidate for the Romney ticket, who would you come up with? Melissa Block asks Republican strategist Mike Murphy about Romney's ideal running mate.

Scandal Puts Secret Service Culture In The Spotlight

After alleged misbehavior that involved prostitution, the U.S. Secret Service revoked top security clearances of 11 agents who have been put on administrative leave and remain under investigation. The agents were part of the advance team that traveled to Colombia before President Obama arrived to attend the Summit of the Americas. The scandal has focused attention on the training and standards typically upheld by the Secret Service.
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Nine Virginia Governors Attend Conference At UVA

The Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership plays host to nine Virginia governors Tuesday night -- from Bob McDonnell and Tim Kaine all the way back to Linwood Holton.


At Scandal-Ridden Federal Agency, All Sorts Of Abuses

"Every time we turned over a stone we found 50 more with all kinds of things crawling out," General Services Administration Inspector General Brian Miller told Congress this morning.
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Managing the Burden of Student Debt.

President Obama is calling on Congress to stop federal student loan rates from doubling this summer. Republicans argue extending the current 3.4 percent rate would cost taxpayers too much. We discuss the implications for families and the economy.