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Romney And Ryan: A Budding Political Bromance

One of the sharpest dividing lines emerging between President Obama and Mitt Romney is the budget introduced in Congress by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., with its sharp cuts in domestic spending and lower tax rates. The Obama campaign likes to call it the "Romney-Ryan budget." And Romney hasn't objected.

Santorum's Campaign Was Full Of Surprise Twists

Looking back on the Rick Santorum campaign can turn into a retrospective on the whole Republican nominating campaign, which now looks to be over.

Romney Highlights Job Losses Among Women

Mitt Romney says that more than 90 percent of the jobs lost since President Obama took office were jobs previously held by women. While technically accurate, Scott Horsley tells Robert Siegel that Romney's claim doesn't tell the whole story.
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Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley

The governor joins us in studio to chat about the chaotic conclusion to this year's legislative session, and the action likely to come...


Not Just For Laughs: Why Humor Can Be A Powerful Campaign Tool

In a year when each candidate is trying to portray his rival as out of touch, the connective power of humor could be especially important. But so far, both President Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney are missing opportunities for comedy.

Momentum Shifts As Santorum Exits Race

Rick Santorum ended his presidential campaign Tuesday. It clears the way for Mitt Romney to capture the nomination, though many conservatives have yet to rally around the former Massachusetts governor. The Romney campaign now shifts into the general campaign, with a focus on President Obama.