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Obama Pressed On Slow Changes To Immigration Law

President Obama says he hasn't given up on overhauling immigration law despite opposition from Republicans in Congress. Obama faced some tough questions during a forum on Univision including what would be different if he won four more years in the White House.

President Obama Outraises Mitt Romney In August

Fundraising reports filed Thursday night by the presidential campaigns look a lot like recent public opinion polls. They show President Obama with a slight advantage in monthly fundraising last month — while Republican Mitt Romney has the edge by some other measures.

Romney Argues For The Proper Role Of Government

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been busy after a tape emerged of him telling wealthy donors that nearly half of Americans see themselves as victims dependent on the federal government. Now he's trying to make those remarks part of a broader argument: What is the proper role of government and who should pay for it?

Smaller Audience, Bigger Payoff For Glenn Beck

At his new venture, The Blaze, Beck has far fewer audience members soaking in his commentary than he did at Fox News. But the numbers don't tell the whole story. Fox helped amplify Beck's voice, whereas now, Beck projects his message on his own terms.

You've Got Mail: Campaigns Still Rely On Snail Mail

In the coming weeks, candidates will bombard your mailboxes with ads. It may seem old-fashioned, but the consultants who devise direct-mail campaigns have become sophisticated about knowing whom to reach and what to say.

Senate Race Tough To Call As Wisconsin Swings

Former four-term GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson is facing off against seven-term Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin for an open Senate seat. With recent polls showing a Baldwin surge, one pollster says his state seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis.

Despite Obama's High Latino Support, Univision Puts Him On Hot Seat

A Univision interviewer asked President Obama if it wasn't true that he had broken his campaign pledge to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform package early in his presidency. That was a place Obama wasn't willing to go.