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Lawmakers Seek Transparency From Supercommittee

The 12 members of the newly formed congressional committee are charged with finding more than $1 trillion in budget savings this fall. Their clout could attract extra attention from special interest groups, and some lawmakers are demanding greater accountability for the money the panel's members take in.

The Senator Who Could Have Shut Down The FAA

Sen. Tom Coburn threatened to block a transportation bill that would extend funding for the FAA. He objected to a part of the bill that funds bike paths and museums.

Coburn Agrees To A Deal On FAA Extension

A possible shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration has been averted. It's funding was set to expire Friday night. For the past two days, one senator had been blocking a bill to temporarily extend funding both to the FAA and highway projects. But instead, the bill is now headed to the president's desk. Michele Norris talks to NPR's Tamara Keith for more.

Boehner Lobs Supply Side Shell In Fiscal Trench War With Obama

The latest rhetorical artillery shell to be launched in the trench warfare between Washington Keynesians and supply-siders landed Thursday in the form of House Speaker John Boehner's speech to the Economic Club of Washington.

Still Flirting With A Run, Palin Confronts Deadlines And 'Smears'

As Sarah Palin keeps the GOP guessing on her White House intentions, she faces challenging filing deadlines and dismissed allegations in a new book as "disgusting lies."

Perry Donor's Radioactive Waste Site Deal Scrutinized

In his career as governor of Texas, Rick Perry has raised about half his campaign cash from just 204 big donors. One of them, Harold Simmons, has given Perry roughly $3 million of support. And in recent years, Simmons' company has gotten a license to operate a radioactive waste site, despite environmental concerns.

Bioethicist Offers Bachmann A Challenge

Michele Norris speaks with Dr. Steve H. Miles of Center of Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. He's offered to pay $1,000 if the medical records of the person Republican Presidential Hopeful Michele Bachmann says became mentally retarded after receiving the HVP vaccine are reviewed by a medical professional.