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Inhale To The Chief: More Details Of Obama's Pot-Smoking Youth Revealed

President Obama revealed in his memoir "Dreams for My Father" his youthful use of illegal drugs as he grew up in Hawaii. But journalist and biographer David Maraniss apparently fills in the picture with quite a few colorful details.
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Analysis: Senate Agrees On FDA Bill, But Not On Student Loans

David Hawkings of CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing explains how it was possible that 96 senators voted for the same thing this week, and whether a similar agreement on a troubled student loan bill will be possible later this year. 


#FollowFriday: A Tiny Shred Of Political Authenticity

Politicians routinely use Twitter, but harder to find are those whose tweets actually, really, identifiably come from them. The ones who tweet interesting facts, interact with constituents, and even — gasp — crack jokes on occasion. Let me recommend a few who walk the walk and tweet the tweet.
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John Lewis: "Across That Bridge: Life Lessons And A Vision For Change"

Congressman John Lewis draws from his experience as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement to offer advice on confronting today's social inequalities in a nonviolent way.

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Maryland Republicans Fighting Special Session On Gambling

Maryland Republicans are taking Governor Martin O'Malley and Democrats to task for considering a special session specifically to take up gambling. 


In Iowa, Obama Accuses Romney Of Distortion

President Obama campaigned Thursday in Iowa, where he delivered his sharpest criticisms yet of Republican rival Mitt Romney. Iowa is one of several states likely to determine the outcome of the November presidential election.

In Ariz. Contest, A Debate Over Government's Reach

Voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional District will decide next month who will fill the seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. She resigned in January, a year after she was badly injured in a shooting. One of her former aides is taking on a Tea Party candidate in the special election.

N.C. Democrats Try To Shake Off Pre-Convention Blues

With the national convention just three months away, state Democrats are reeling from a series of setbacks, including passage of a gay marriage ban and a sex scandal within the organization. But party leaders say they're committed to making the convention a success and keeping the state "blue" in November.

GOP Hopes Pennsylvania's Still Got That Swing

Pennsylvania has been considered a swing state in the past few elections. Voters did elect a Republican governor and U.S. senator two years ago. But after voting for the Democrat in five straight presidential contests, is it still a swing state?