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Low-Profile Power Player Jack Lew May Be In Line For Treasury Post

Now the White House chief of staff, Lew finessed the 2011 deal that set up the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes set for the new year — and did it in a way that put President Obama in the catbird seat for the current talks. Now he's a possible pick to be the next Treasury secretary.

War Hero, Trailblazer: Remembering Sen. Inouye

Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii passed away Monday at the age of 88. Inouye was one of the longest-serving members of the Senate and a veteran of World War II. Host Michel Martin pays tribute to the senator, reprising a conversation they had on the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Can Lawmakers Prevent Mass Shootings?

After last week's elementary school shooting in Connecticut, President Obama promised to use whatever power he has to prevent another mass shooting. Host Michel Martin speaks to Republican strategist Ron Christie and Keli Goff of The Root, to discuss how the debate could play out on Capitol Hill.

States Dreading Fiscal Cliff Outcome — But Indecision May Be Worse

State and local officials are rooting for President Obama and Congress to quickly reach a budget deal. They anticipate the fiscal pain that would result from automatic cuts, and know things could even be worse from the negotiated belt-tightening behind any pact. But at this point, they just want some certainty.
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Mourning continues in Newtown, Conn., and beyond. It's your turn to talk about the headlines and stories catching your eye.