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What Obama's Cabinet Picks Say About His Second Term

President Obama has announced most of his Cabinet picks for his second term, all of whom are familiar faces in Washington. But Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Chuck Hagel and Obama's White House chief of staff Jack Lew still must get through the Senate confirmation process. NPR's Scott Simon talks to NPR's Mara Liasson about the selections.

Biden Seeks To Rally All Sides Of Gun Debate

Vice President Joe Biden met with factions in the gun debate this week from the National Rifle Association to the families of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings. On Tuesday, Biden will present the recommendations of the task force on gun violence he has been leading to President Obama. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Brian Naylor about the efforts to find common ground.

What Would Obama Do (If There's No Debt Ceiling Deal)?

President Obama says he won't negotiate about the borrowing limit. He says the Congress must raise the debt ceiling to pay for spending it's already OK'd. But Republicans say they'll use the threat of default to get more spending cuts from the White House. Obama still has some options if he and Congress can't reach an agreement.

Post-Election Americans Perceive Less Class Conflict and Tension Over Immigration

You might think that after a pretty rancorous election season there would be lingering acrimony between people who belong to groups embroiled in some of the campaign's most heated debates. But if there is, a new study by Pew found that many Americans don't feel that way.

Rockefeller's Exit May Test How Deep The Red Runs In W.Va.

The announcement from Sen. Jay Rockefeller that he will not seek another term would seem to give Republicans a big opening in a state that went deep red in November. But West Virginia's animus toward President Obama doesn't necessarily translate into Republican advantages in statewide races.

Spike That Email About Welfare And Work; Fact Checkers Say It's Not True

Eleven states do NOT have more people on welfare than they have employed, as an email that's going viral claims. Two major fact checking organizations have crunched the numbers and debunked the email.