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Analysis: Paying For The Defense Bill And Sandy Relief

Tensions on Capitol Hill continue centered on spending reform. As David Hawkings of CQ reports, even measures that would normally receive bipartisan support, like Sandy relief and defense, have seen pushback.


What Allen West And Abraham Lincoln Have In Common

U.S. Rep. Allen West came to Washington as part of the 2010 wave of Tea Party-backed candidates. He became known as aggressive and outspoken, but his tenure in Congress was short-lived. He recently conceded a close race for Florida's 18th District. West sits down with host Michel Martin to reflect on his term and his outlook for the future.
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Analysis: Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling Stays Out Of Governor's Race

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about this week's top stories, including whether or not Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling will run for Virginia governor as an independent.

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80 Years Of Federal Diary

In November 1932, The Washington Post launched a new column known as the Federal Diary. Kojo explores the colorful history of the publication.

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Bill Bolling Addresses Decision To Back Out Of Governor's Race

Despite stepping out of the race for Virginia's governor, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling says he still believes he would have been the best person to lead the state.


Today's Three Stories To Read About The 'Fiscal Cliff'

The White House and congressional leaders continue to talk about taxes, spending cuts and how to avoid an end-of-year deadline — when Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire and automatic spending cuts are set to go into effect.
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DCBOEE Plans Special Election To Fill Mendelson's Seat

It's finally official: Phil Mendelson was sworn in last night as D.C. Council Chairman, and that sets up a special election to fill his old seat.