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Obama Campaign Ad Asks: Did Romney Pay 'Any Taxes At All' Some Years?

The ad, aimed at pressuring Mitt Romney to make public more of his tax history, came as Romney accused the president of funneling taxpayer money to his political buddies, and as a poll showed Americans favoring the president's plan for handling the Bush-era tax cuts over that of his Republican rival.

Urban League: Black Turnout Could Be Key In 2012

The cliche "every vote counts" is sure to get a workout this election season. A new report from the National Urban League says the African-American vote could play a critical role in November. Host Michel Martin talks with Chanelle Hardy of the National Urban League and David Bositis of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.
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Virginia Takes A 'Wait-And-See' Approach To Health Care Act

The debate over federal health care reform continues in Virginia, as the commonwealth prepares to let the federal government take the lead in setting up a statewide health care exchange.


Democrats' Efforts To Reveal GOP Donors Stymied

Democrats in the Senate have failed to break a Republican filibuster on a bill that would force non-profit social welfare groups advertising in federal campaigns to disclose their donors. Such groups are keeping GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney competitive in the TV ad campaign against President Obama..

Romney, Obama Keep Up Campaign Sniping Attacks

The campaign rhetoric continues to heat up. On Fox News Monday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the Obama campaign was off base in demanding he release more tax returns. Meantime, President Obama traveled to Ohio where he held a town hall meeting with voters.

Romney's Plan To Revive Jobs Has Mixed Results

The Republican presidential candidate says he wants to revive an idea first tried under the Bush administration: the personal re-employment account. Long-term unemployed people would get a lump sum to spend on job retraining and education. The idea was tried in eight states in 2004 and 2005.
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Lawmakers Talk Federal Safety Standards For Metro

Local lawmakers and transportation officials on Monday discussed the federal safety standards called for in the transportation bill signed into law this month.


Presidential Campaigns Zoom In On 'Fertile Crescent' Of Ohio, Pennsylvania

Obama tells supporters in Ohio that he deserves credit for the improving economy and that Romney's tax plan would outsource 800,000 jobs. The GOP candidate is headed to the crucial swing state on Wednesday.