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Telling Tales Of Politicians' First Campaigns

Getting politicians to talk about their past and most vulnerable moments is a difficult task. But one man has managed to get more than 60 prominent politicians to talk about their first campaigns. Host Michel Martin speaks with Columbia University oral historian Jeffrey Brodsky, who wrote about this project for the Washington Post Magazine.
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Wooing Women Voters

Women have emerged as the key undecided voters in this year’s presidential election. We analyze what women care about and how the candidates are trying to win them over.


Obama, Romney Court Veterans Ahead Of Romney's Foreign Trip

President Obama and Mitt Romney are courting the military veteran vote. Both speak at the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Obama travels to Reno, Nev., to address the group today. Romney speaks to the group tomorrow. A Gallup poll finds veterans overwhelmingly favor Romney.
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Little Progress On Federal Budget Talks

Members of Congress are under the gun to find trillions of dollars in budget cuts before automatic reductions known as "sequestration" kick in early next year.

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Minimum Wage Debate Comes Back To Capitol Hill

It's been three years since the federal government increased the national minimum wage, and activists and lawmakers alike plan to rally this week to call for a hike in the national pay standard.


Obama, Romney Court Veterans In Key States

In a close presidential race, every constituency counts. With both President Obama and Mitt Romney addressing the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention this week, it's clear that veterans have become a prized voter group. That's especially true in battleground states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio, where vets make up a large enough segment of the population to swing the election.
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Iowa Senator Investigating FDA Spy Program

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley is continuing his probe of the Food and Drug Administration over what he says was an effort to spy on government employees.


He's A Long Shot, But Don't Count Huckabee Out

Putting Mike Huckabee on the GOP ticket this year as Mitt Romney's running mate could certainly liven up the presidential race. The former Arkansas governor is likable, experienced and even plays bass. But as someone who claims to focus on conversation, not confrontation, would he go on the attack for Romney?

Immigration, The Gold Mountain And A Wedding Photo

A new National Archives exhibit charts the stories of 19th and early 20th century immigrants to America through documents and photographs attached to their case files. For one historian, one of these "attachments" turned out to be "like a breakthrough discovery of a lifetime."