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The Debt Ceiling Standoff

President Barack Obama says he won't negotiate with congressional Republicans on raising the federal debt limit. A panel joins guest host Steve Roberts to discuss the implications of the standoff for tax and spending negotiations in Washington and America's credit rating.

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NAACP Supports Repeal Of Maryland's Death Penalty

The NAACP will join the fight to get Maryland's death penalty repealed; officials from the organization will make the announcement with Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley today.


White House Plan On Guns To Include 19 Executive Actions, Lawmakers Say

When the president unveils his administration's plan this week, it will include a call for legislation to expand background checks of gun buyers. But it will also include a series of steps, such as increased sharing of mental health records, that the president may take on his own.


Obama Urges Congress To Raise Debt Ceiling

At a White House news conference Monday, President Obama compared lawmakers who refuse to raise the debt limit to deadbeat diners who gorge themselves at a pricey restaurant, then try to skip out without paying the bill. Congressional Republicans quickly rejected the president's argument. They hope to use the debt ceiling fight to put the government on a spending diet.

As Polls Show Support For Gun Control, Calif. Gun Show Is A Hit

One month after the Newtown, Conn., school shootings, gun control is on the national agenda. The White House will outline its proposals this week, and national surveys are showing a majority of Americans support options such as requiring background checks for both private and gun-show sales.

Poll Says Gun-Rights Supporters Fund Their Cause; Opponents Don't

A new Pew poll on gun laws shows overwhelming support among Americans on a few issues, like closing the so-called gun show loophole; a wide partisan split on more contentious measures, like banning assault weapons; and a glimpse into why the nation's gun lobby may be so successful.
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Smart Growth Collides With Transit Planning In Alexandria

City leaders in Alexandria have decided to charge for parking at a new affordable housing complex, over the opposition of two of the city council's newest members.


Obama's Woman Problem Is A Problem Of His Own Making

Recent Cabinet picks have only contributed to a long-standing perception that the president is, at the very least, somewhat tone-deaf when it comes to the role of women in his administration. And in politics, perception is often reality.