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Senator's Ex-Wife Files FEC Complaint Against Him

The ex-wife of Senator Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) has filed an FEC complaint, alleging that funds were misused during her ex-husband's 2010 campaign to cover up an affair. Robert Siegel talks to Todd Lighty of the Chicago Tribune for more.

New Wisconsin Poll: Walker Maintains Lead; Obama Gains Strength

Wisconsin's Republican Gov. Scott Walker holds his lead over his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, in a new statewide poll of registered voters.

McCotter Joins Sorry, Brief List Of Incumbents Who Fell Short Of Ballot

It's rare for incumbents like Rep. Thad McCotter, the Michigan Republican, to fail to collect enough valid signatures and get on a ballot. But this kind of embarrassment has occasionally happened to others. Fortunately for many politicians, most states don't have such ballot-access requirements or ask for a minimal number of signatures.
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Sally Bedell Smith: "Elizabeth the Queen: The Life a Modern Monarch" (Rebroadcast)

Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60 years on the throne next month. A new biography looks at the public and private life of a modern monarch.


Former 'Car Czar' Takes On Auto Bailout And Bain

Three years ago, Steven Rattner was tapped to help lead the Obama administration's bailout of the U.S. auto industry. He's since left the world of politics, but finds himself in the middle of two controversies leading up to November's presidential election.

Texas Vote Boosts Romney Amid 'Birther' Revival

Mitt Romney says his win in the Texas primary puts him over the top in the delegate count and secures his nomination as the Republican candidate for president. Meanwhile, Donald Trump resurrected the "birther" debate at a Las Vegas fundraiser for Romney.