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Poking Fun At Politics: A Year In Review

Zany presidential candidates, Clint Eastwood's chair, and vice-presidential trips to Costco. 2012 was a significant, and perhaps odd, year for politics. Host Michel Martin is joined by former White House staffers to review some of the best and worst political moments of the year.

When It Comes To Politics, States Are Barely United

In the last election, the red states got redder and the blue ones bluer. That's true not only in presidential voting, but at the state level, where half the legislative chambers are now dominated by supermajorities of one party or the other. The result is that blue and red states are moving further apart on most major issues, including tax policy, abortion and guns.

Census Bureau Rethinks The Best Way To Measure Race

To keep pace with the nation's increasing racial and ethnic diversity, the Census Bureau could change how it asks about identity in the 2020 count.

EPA Administrator Jackson Stepping Down

Accused by Republicans of running an agency that issued "job-killing regulations," Jackson has faced stiff political opposition in her four years at the Environmental Protection Agency.
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Virginia AG Cuccinelli On 2013 Projects


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says there are several projects he started in 2012 that he must wrap up in 2013.


Wedge Divides Old Guard And New At Tea Party Group

FreedomWorks, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that coordinates Tea Party activists nationwide, underwent a dramatic leadership battle behind the scenes just ahead of November's election. Robert Siegel talks with David Corn, who wrote about the feud for Mother Jones.