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Social Security, Medicare Reaction Reflects Partisan, Election-Year Divide

The release of the Social Security and Medicare reports became an opportunity for Treasury Secretary Geithner to send voters the message that Obama administration was a staunch defender of the nation's most popular entitlements even though it accepted the need for gradual changes to make the programs more sustainable.

Romney Takes Rubio On The Road, Testing A Potential Running Mate

Monday was the first time GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, often talked about as a vice presidential pick, have campaigned together. But Romney said the process of choosing his running mate has barely gotten started.

When Politicians Slip, Video Trackers Are There

U.S. election campaigns have become gaffe-centric. Candidates live in fear of letting slip that sentence, or half-sentence, that makes the opposition's day. Catching those moments is the job of the video trackers. They're usually young people, fresh out of college, looking for a way into politics.

Florida Senator Promotes New Dream Act

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, an oft-mentioned name as a running mate to Mitt Romney, wants to push a modified Dream Act to let children of illegal immigrants get legal status in the U.S.

Romney Backs Extension Of Student Loan Relief

Mitt Romney on Monday endorsed the idea of extending a law that curbs interest rates paid by some recipients of federal student loans, a cause that President Obama has made a campaign issue.
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Explaining the Scandal in China

With a top Communist Party official ousted and his wife arrested for murder, we unravel China's biggest scandal in decades. Kojo and a former Beijing bureau chief examine the players and the repercussions.