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Designing Inaugural Dresses, Not All Roses

For fashion designers, catching the eye of a first lady can be the opportunity of a lifetime. But sometimes the attention isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Host Michel Martin speaks with fashion critic Robin Givhan about the agony and ecstasy of creating inaugural gowns.

President Obama's Gun Control Plan 'Extreme?'

Reaction is coming in from all corners after President Obama and Vice President Biden laid out new gun control plans yesterday. Host Michel Martin speaks with journalists Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times and Felicia Sonmez of Washington Post about policy makers' next steps.

Mexico: New President, New Drug Violence Plan

Mexico's new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, recently enacted a law to compensate victims of drug violence. It also sets up a national registry to record the crimes. Host Michel Martin discusses the new law with Nik Steinberg of Human Rights Watch.
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Gray To Highlight D.C.'s Lack Of Statehood On Inauguration Day

Mayor Vincent Gray is revealing a sign on Inauguration Day that calls attention to the District's lack of statehood.

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President Obama's Second Term Agenda

As President Obama is sworn in for a second term he faces battles over the debt ceiling, gun violence and immigration. Diane and her guests discuss the president's agenda for the next four years.

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Moran Calling On Debt Ceiling To Be Abolished

Northern Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is calling for the debt ceiling to be abolished altogether.


Obama Calls On Congress To Act To Reduce Gun Violence

President Obama has signed into law 23 executive orders allowing federal agencies to strengthen the existing background check system and improve the tracking of stolen guns. But the big items like universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines will need congressional action.