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Romney Captures Ohio, Super Tuesday's Big Prize

Mitt Romney won Super Tuesday's big prize of Ohio and five other states, but overall results were mixed, with Rick Santorum capturing three states and Newt Gingrich one. Romney won more delegates than Santorum but trailed among core GOP constituencies — Southerners and evangelicals.

Obama To Romney: 'Good Luck Tonight ... Really'

Asked about Romney charging he's the "most feckless" president since Carter, Obama smiled and wished the Republican presidential contender the best in today's Super Tuesday contests.
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The Hill: With Israeli PM In Town, Lawmakers Take Differing Tacks On Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues his visit to Washington D.C. on Tuesday, prompting lawmakers to take a stance on the middle east and a potential pre-emptive strike against Iran.


Obama News Conference Focuses On Foreign Policy

President Obama held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, his first since November. While the president opened by announcing yet another initiative to help homeowners through the on going foreclosure crisis, nearly all of the questions involved foreign policy. His answers took aim at his Republican challengers: "This is not a game," he said.

A Look At The Ohio Exit Polls

Voters headed to the polls in 10 states on Tuesday. Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center talks to Robert Siegel about the race in Ohio. He shares a picture of who turned out to vote — what issues were on their minds, as well as how conservative and religious they see themselves.

Ohio The Highlight Of Super Tuesday

Ohio is one of 10 states voting on Super Tuesday. Although it doesn't have the largest haul of delegates, it has received the most attention in the run-up to voting. That's due to the pitched battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum there. Melissa Block talks with Ari Shapiro and Don Gonyea.

Weighing In On Super Tuesday

Host Robert Siegel talks with Mara Liasson about Tuesday's 10 primaries and caucuses, known collectively as Super Tuesday. More than 400 delegates are at stake in the voting.