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A Family Of 'Boots For Newt' Hits The Ground In South Carolina

Meet a mother of three who's decided to pack up her family and hit the campaign trail in South Carolina volunteering for GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. She tells NPR's Melissa Block she hopes her home-schooled children learn from the experience.
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O'Malley's Budget Means Smaller Refunds For Some

The new budget proposal outlined by Maryland's governor would shift some of the burden of teacher pensions to counties, while also cutting refunds to as many as 20 percent of state residents.


Keystone Proposal Rejected On Technicality

The Obama administration rejected the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, while allowing the parent company to reapply with an alternate route. Robert Siegel talks to NPR's Elizabeth Shogren for more.

Are There Workarounds For Wikipedia's Blackout?

Wikipedia may have shut down its English language site for the day on Wednesday, but people are still finding ways to access its content. Robert Siegel talks to Brian Cooley, editor at large at CNET, about various workarounds for Wikipedia users.

Congress Backs Off Anti-Web-Piracy Bill

Congress was poised to pass a bill restricting Internet transfer of copyrighted material but now seems to be backing off.

Ahead Of Primary, Romney Campaigns In S.C.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigned in South Carolina Wednesday, just days ahead of Saturday's primary. Audie Cornish talks with NPR's Scott Horsley for more.

McCain's 2008 Anti-Mitt Romney Oppo Research Raised 2012 Themes

There are no bombshells and much of the "oppo" is, like much of the genre, a compilation of items from news sources. Still, the document is useful because it demonstrates how little the arguments against Romney have changed from four years ago.