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Military Troops Request Fewer Absentee Ballots

A new report blames the Pentagon for failing to provide enough help to service members. But the Department of Defense says the figures don't reflect how hard it is trying to get ballots in the hands of the armed forces.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Fallout from the first presidential debate. A first look at September unemployment numbers. And Pennsylvania’s voter ID law is blocked. Diane and her guests discuss the week’s top stories, what happened and why.


Five Takeaways From The First Presidential Debate

President Obama came across as defensive and lackluster, while Romney sounded confident and may have begun a late-season pivot to the center. It may not be enough to erase Obama's polling lead, even in the short run, but Democrats will want to hone their messages for the debates to come.

Lights, Camera, Action (zzzz), Tweet!

There was plenty of media spin and punditry in Wednesday's debate, not just in Denver but on Twitter. The candidates appeared to be lacking in real zingers. Instead, it turns out the real conversation was happening through social media.

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

President Obama did some truth-stretching as well, say the nonpartisan watchdogs who parse candidates' words.

Obama, Romney Clash Repeatedly Over Taxes

President Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney shared a stage for the first time in the presidential campaign Wednesday night. In a 90-minute debate, moderated by PBS's Jim Lehrer, Romney aggressively challenged the president on his record. The president defended his economic policies and challenged Romney to show that his plans wouldn't hurt the middle class.

Did The President Need A Sip Of Romney's Red Bull?

Tens of millions of Americans tuned in to watch Wednesday night's presidential debate, which focused on domestic policy. Polls indicate that a majority of viewers thought GOP nominee Mitt Romney came out ahead of President Obama. Host Michel Martin breaks down the debate with former speech writers Mary Kate Cary and Paul Orzulak.

KitchenAid Apologizes For 'Offensive Tweet' About Obama's Grandmother

Someone on the company's social media team posted an ugly message during Wednesday night's debate. The appliance maker's senior director has personally apologized. The person who wrote it "won't be tweeting for us anymore."

Don't Confuse Us With Facts: Why Debates Are All About Style

The verdict is in, and Mitt Romney has been declared the winner in last night's debate. Was it a case of style over substance?

Close Read: NPR Reporters Examine Denver Debate

NPR correspondents join host Steve Inskeep to give the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney a "close read." Our team provides analysis and checks out the candidates' statements. NPR reporters include: John Ydstie, David Welna, Julie Rovner, Scott Horsley and Ari Shapiro.