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Justices Ask: Can Health Law Stand If Mandate Falls?

By the end of Wednesday's argument, it seemed pretty clear that if there are five votes to strike down the individual mandate, there likely are five votes to strike down the entire Obama health care overhaul.

How Oil Taxes Will Make A Mark On Campaigning

Both Republicans and Democrats think they have the upper hand as the Senate takes up a bill that would end oil company tax breaks. NPR's David Welna explains how the debate in the Senate is likely to frame the debate this fall in the campaign.

Supreme Court Cheat Sheet Day 3: Scalia Unplugged

If the justices find the insurance mandate unconstitutional, will they strike down the entire health care law? The top five moments from Justice Antonin Scalia could offer clues about the thinking of the court's conservative majority.

When Is It Time To End A Political Run?

Though he insists he's not suspending his run, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich announced he's cutting his staff and shifting his campaign strategy. NPR's Ken Rudin and veteran campaign manager Chip Saltsman discuss the decisions candidates face when a win seems unlikely.
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Ron Paul Campaigning In Maryland Wednesday Night

Maryland doesn't normally factor strongly into presidential primaries, but a contentious race had sparked renewed interest. Ron Paul, currently in fourth place, will be campaigning in Maryland Wednesday night.


Hoodie In The House Leads To Shouting In The Capitol

Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., donned a hooded jacket this morning in the House chamber to talk about Trayvon Martin's death. He shouted over attempts to cut him off. It's against the rules to wear hats in the chamber when the House is in session.
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Democrat Libby Garvey Wins Seat On Arlington Board

In a special election that saw a record low turnout, Arlington Democratic nominee Libby Garvey was elected to the vacant seat on the Arlington County Board Tuesday night.

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Analysis: GOP Voters Actually Get A Say In Maryland, D.C. Presidential Primaries

Looking ahead to the congressional races in the Maryland and D.C. primaries, scheduled for April 3.