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Back To Jobs: Obama Reaches Out To 'All Americans'

As President Obama tours the nation ahead of the 2012 election, he's visiting Democratic and Republican territories alike. Amid a time of big news abroad, the president is continuing to push his jobs bill at home.

Sen. Marco Rubio Denies Embellishing His Background As A Cuban Exile

Florida senator and potential '12 veep pick Marco Rubio fought back Friday against charges he had falsely portrayed his parents as exiles from Castro's Cuba. To suggest he changed his story for political gain is "outrageous," Rubio said.

With Revised Tax Plan, Cain Faces Questions About Consistency

Since he entered the frontrunner spotlight, GOP hopeful Herman Cain has struggled at times to maintain a consistent message. This week he's drawn criticism over his tax plan, as well as his stance on social issues.

Will Cain's New '9-0-9' Tax Plan Really Help The Poor?

Even with the latest change to Cain's tax reform plan, the lowest-income Americans would see their tax bills rise because they'd face a trickle-down effect from business taxes and they would still face the 9 percent sales tax, analysts say.

New Poll: Cain Leads In Iowa, Romney Second, Rest Of Field Lagging

Cain now holds a big lead over Mitt Romney in a new University of Iowa poll. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann lag further behind, trailing even Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul.

Cain's Tweaked Tax Plan Raises Taxes For The Poor

GOP presidential contender Herman Cain, who has made his reputation with his 9-9-9 tax plan, introduced the variant 9-0-9 plan for the poor, who would be exempt from the income portion of the plan. Experts said the poor, who pay little if any federal tax now, would still see a tax hike.