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Obama Talks Manufacturing In North Carolina

President Obama traveled to North Carolina Wednesday, where he talked about the manufacturing sector. Melissa Block talks with Scott Horsley about the event.

Fall Senate Races Shaping Up

Political writer Shira Toeplitz of Roll Call talks with Melissa Block about the high profile Senate races taking shape in 2012.

Ohio Attorney General On Santorum Campaign

Robert Siegel talks to Ohio Attorney General and Rick Santorum supporter Mike DeWine about the results of Super Tuesday.

Romney: Impossible For Rivals To Win Nomination

It took a lot of money and the margins were sometimes painfully slim, but Mitt Romney pulled out some important victories on Tuesday night in the race for the Republican nomination for President. Melissa Block talks to Ari Shapiro, who spent Wednesday at Romney headquarters in Boston.
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ACLU Investigates Abuses Of Anne Arundel Exec

According to the ACLU, John Leopold, a county executive in Anne Arundel County, may have improperly used police resources to collect information on political opponents.


Super Tuesday's Split Decision

Mitt Romney eked out a victory in Ohio's Super Tuesday primary. It was the closest of ten races, and the most closely watched. Rick Santorum came in second. Newt Gingrich took his home state of Georgia, Romney won six in all, and Santorum kept his campaign alive by winning three.

Romney Aides: We Can Count To 1,144; Santorum, Gingrich Can't

Mitt Romney's campaign aides told journalists Wednesday that it all comes down to delegate math and that their candidate has got the numbers on his side while Santorum and Gingrich don't.