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Geography, Not Gerrymandering, May Explain GOP's Hold On House

Some analysts are saying that Republicans appear to have the long-range advantage over Democrats when it comes to winning enough seats to control the House, not so much because of redistricting but because of the clustering of Democratic voters in fewer congressional districts.

As Dust Settles, Voters Cite Campaign's Negativity

A new Pew post-election survey also finds voters pessimistic about partisan cooperation, and still most concerned about the economy and jobs.

Raising Revenues Or Taxes — What's The Difference?

Audie Cornish talks to Adam Davidson about the difference between raising revenues and raising taxes.

Fault Lines Form In GOP After Romney Comments

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comment that he lost the election because of "gifts" President Obama gave to the poor, young people and minorities are being rejected by some Republicans.
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HOT Lanes, Hot Mess?

Last weekend, "high occupancy toll lanes" -- commonly called HOT Lanes-- came to the Virginia side of the Capital Beltway. What some hail as the roads of the future, others aren't so sure about.

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Tax Policy Debate: Raising Rates Versus Limiting Deductions

Raising rates versus limiting deductions and loopholes: tax policy debate in Washington and efforts to raise tax revenues by $1.6 trillion over the next decade.