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Montgomery County Bill Would Protect Low-Income Workers

The Montgomery County Council is tackling a bill that would offer enhanced protections to low-income service workers, but it's looking unlikely that it will be addressed this session.


Poll: Jobs Should Be Next President's Priority; Tax Fairness? Not So Much

A new poll shows voters, even those who say they support President Obama, do not think raising taxes on the wealthy should be a top priority of the next president.

Will Penn. I.D. Law Actually Keep Voters Away?

Voter I.D. laws have been hotly debated this election season. Now, a Pennsylvania case is challenging that state's new Voter I.D. law. The Justice Department also announced that it will investigate whether the law is discriminatory. Host Michel Martin speaks with Columbia Law Professor Nathan Persily for more on the case.

Romney's Words That Outraged Palestinians Were 'Mischaracterized,' Aide Says

The GOP presidential candidate talked about "culture" as being one reason Israel's economy is stronger than those in areas managed by the Palestinian Authority.
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Congress Faces Final Bills Before Summer Break

Lawmakers are expected to face decisions on the Bush-era tax cuts, the drought in the Midwest and abortion legislation before taking their August break at the end of the week.

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GOP Senators Stop In Virginia To Decry Defense Cuts

Three Republican senators, including one rumored to be on the short list of potential Mitt Romney running mates, are railing against potential defense cuts in Virginia today.


Latest Tea Party Vs. GOP Establishment Battle Comes Tuesday In Texas

The Tea Party is going all out on Tuesday in Texas on behalf of Ted Cruz, a former state solicitor general who is battling Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the GOP Senate primary.