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Monday Political Grab Bag: Rising Gas Prices Hurt Obama's Ratings Etc

President Obama's approval ratings have fallen as gas prices have risen. Mitt Romney has benefited from his well-planned strategy of collecting delegates whereever they're up for grabs. The most recent polls showed Romney tied or ahead in Alabama and Mississippi.

Heading Into Tuesday's Vote, GOP Candidates Seek Southern Comfort

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have been working hard across the country to pry votes away from Mitt Romney. In the Deep South, it may be easier for the candidates to do just that. Over the weekend, both Santorum and Gingrich campaigned before enthusiastic crowds in Alabama and Mississippi.

Report Shows Drop In U.S. Oil Imports

Foreign Imports have dropped by more than two million barrels a day over the past four years, the administration says.
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Election Year May Hinder Congressional Productivity

With this year's election heating up, members of Congress say they aren't expecting to accomplish much this year.

Santorum, Gingrich Eye Southern Primary Victories

Mississippi and Alabama hold Republican primaries Tuesday. The two Southern contests are crucial for former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. They have been working to pry votes away from Mitt Romney.

Who Will Win Over America's Latino Voters?

Winning the community is becoming increasingly important for political candidates. A recent poll of Latino voters showed President Obama well ahead of his Republican rivals, but the story is not over for the GOP. In 2004, George W. Bush received 44 percent of the Latino vote, and one Republican strategist thinks they can do it again.

Santorum Wins Kansas Caucus

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum won Kansas' Republican caucuses Saturday. Neither Mitt Romney nor Newt Gingrich spent any time campaigning in the state. Kansas Public Radio's Stephen Koranda reports.

Southern Faith: Why Candidates' Beliefs Matter

Ahead of the primary voting in Mississippi and Alabama, guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with William Martin Wiseman, director of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Professor of Political Science at Mississippi State University, about the religious politics of the South.

To Woo South, Romney Needs More Than A Twang

Mitt Romney picked up some support in Saturday's contests, but there may be trouble lurking for him in the near future as the GOP race moves to the Deep South. Tuesday's primaries are in Alabama and Mississippi, and the reddest of states are proving to be a tough sell for the former Massachusetts governor.

Job Trend More Than A Blip, But U.S. 'Can't Stop'

The American job market is still a long way from healthy, but its pulse feels a lot stronger now than it did six months ago. The improvement is a boon for President Obama as he tries to hold onto his own job in November, but both he and his Republican rivals say 8.3 percent unemployment is not low enough.