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Pa. Republicans Weigh New Electoral College Plan

Some Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature have proposed changing how the state allocates its Electoral College votes. Critics argue the plan would benefit GOP candidates. NPR's Ken Rudin and political scientist Terry Madonna discuss the proposal and its implications.

Flashback: Herman Cain's 1994 Bill Clinton Debate On Health Care

Herman Cain, who won the Florida Straw Poll over the weekend, is no newbie when it comes to showing up career politicians. Texas Gov. Rick Perry was just the latest one to be Hermanized by the former Godfather's pizza company CEO. In 1994, President Bill Clinton had an encounter with Cain in which many conservatives believe the Man from mozzarella got the best of the Man from Hope.

Obama' 'Stop Complaining' Order To Black Caucus Causes Stir

For a president whose approval ratings even among African Americans have dropped strikingly, it can't be anything but bad news that his speech's climax has upset part of his base.

The Farm Bill: From Charitable Start To Prime Budget Target

This is the first in our occasional series on how the farm bill shapes food and land use policy. In this installment, the history of the farm bill, and why it's been a matter of debate since its inception during the Great Depression.
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Roll Call's Paul Singer On Government Shutdown And Obama's Jobs Act

Roll Call associate editor Paul Singer gives an analysis of the looming government shutdown and the latest on Obama's American Job Act.


More People Than Ever Are Unhappy With The Government, Poll Shows

"A record-high 81 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the country is being governed," Gallup says.

Shutdown Showdown Continues: Senate Has Key Vote Today

Lawmakers in Washington are still at odds over how to put some more money into the coffers of the stretched-thin Federal Emergency Management Agency. If the dispute isn't settled by the end of the week, part of the government might have to shut down.
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O'Malley Seeks End To Battle Over FEMA Funding

Gov. Martin O'Malley

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is calling for an end to ongoing bickering in Congress over where disaster relief funding for cleanup from Hurricane Irene and subsequent flooding should come from.