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Boehner Re-Elected Speaker Of The House

The Ohio Republican will again hold the top post in the House. He challenged House members Thursday to come to their jobs humbled. "If you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as some accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place," Boehner said.

Nice Moment: Sen. Mark Kirk Returns To Capitol One Year After Stroke

The Illinois Republican's climb up the steps of the Capitol was cheered by colleagues from both sides of the aisle. Kirk, 53, is an inspiration to other stroke survivors.

Will Congress Get Along In 2013?

A new Congress takes office today, after a nail-biting end to the last term. There were reports of choice words from House Speaker John Boehner to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but Congress came together on a budget agreement. Guest host Celeste Headlee asks how congressional deals are made, and what to expect from the freshman class.

Latinos Shifting Political Trends

Tensions between different Latino ethnic groups might be changing local politics on the east and west coasts. Host Michel Martin speaks with Columbia University adjunct professor Ed Morales, who says shifting Latino demographics are the driving force behind it all.
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President Obama's Second-Term Team

President Barack Obama picks former Sen. Chuck Hagel for defense secretary and John Brennan as CIA director. Diane and her guests discuss battles ahead as the president seeks to build his second-term team.

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House GOP Again Denies Norton The Vote

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton may be denied the right to vote in the Committee of the Whole in the 113th Congress; the veteran lawmaker plans to appeal the Republican-controlled House's floor rules in court today.


Was Boehner's Fiscal Cliff End Run Past GOP The New Normal?

By letting the House take up the Senate's fiscal cliff-dodging legislation that raises income tax rates on the wealthiest earners, Speaker John Boehner answered affirmatively a question that had been on many minds: Would he allow an up-or-down floor vote on a bill opposed by most fellow House Republicans?