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Iran Launches Some GOP Debate Rhetoric To Flights Of Fancy

If the U.S. continues to be the Great Satan in eyes of many Iranian officials, capable of inspiring over-the-top rhetoric in Teheran, Iran appears to have a similar affect on U.S. politicians, propelling them to flights of excess.

Pro-Huntsman Ad Asks N.H. Voters: 'Why Haven't We Heard Of This Guy?'

A new campaign ad asserts that New Hampshire voters just need a chance to get to know Jon Huntsman. But the candidate's issues run deeper than lack of name recognition.
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Officials Go After Occupy Richmond Protesters

After being forceably evicted from their camp in a local park, Occupy Richmond protesters are now facing a challenge for their encampment on the property of a local resident.


Countdown To Iowa And New Hampshire Primaries

The top Republican presidential candidates wrapped up another debate Tuesday night and now turn to the nation's first two primary states: Iowa and New Hampshire. With the Iowa caucus just six weeks away, guests explain how each candidate is courting voters, and how the campaign is playing out.

How To Talk Politics At The Dinner Table

Conventional wisdom advises against talking about politics at family gatherings, but that's often unrealistic. With the turbulent race for president and the roiling Occupy protests — not to mention the usual politics of food, football and in-laws — some discussion guidelines can be helpful.

At GOP Security Debate, Gingrich's Tolerance On Immigration Stands Out

The big theme out of Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate in Washington was Newt Gingrich's compassionate tolerance toward illegal immigrants who have put down deep roots in the U.S. That position conflicted with the more hardline views of many conservative voters.

For Thanksgiving, Debunk Your Family's Chain Emails

The government is coming for your light bulbs! "Obamacare" is going to put a tax on home sales! Or maybe not. Just in time for Thanksgiving, check out PolitiFact's handy reality check of the crazy political emails and Facebook posts that your uncle always sends you.