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Local GOP Leaders Torn Ahead Of Ohio's Key Vote

Mitt Romney has built the superior organization, but "it's sort of coming together" for Rick Santorum. The two GOP front-runners are battling over the crown jewel of Super Tuesday and a key swing state this fall.

Obama Campaign Buys Air Time In Michigan Touting Auto Bailout

A day after the superPAC supporting President Obama purchased air time in Michigan for a spot attacking Mitt Romney for his opposition to the auto industry bailout, the president's re-election campaign itself bought air time in the state to run a pre-Republican primary ad on the issue.

Auto Bailout A Chief Topic For Michigan Voters

The economy is the top issue for most voters this election year. In Michigan, the political debate over the economy is especially intense. It centers on the federal government's 2009 bailout of the auto industry.

For Loyalists, Is It Ron Paul Or Nothing?

While other GOP presidential candidates have seen their fortunes wax and wane with voters, Ron Paul has enjoyed steadfast, if relatively low level, support from an obsessively loyal base of backers. But if his long-shot bid falls short, his supporters may balk at throwing their votes to a rival.

Voter ID Backer, Opponent Agree On One Point: Voter Rolls Are A Mess

A Washington, D.C. debate between a supporter of voter ID laws and an opponent showed that each side suffers from a lack of data to support its position.

In South Carolina, New Report Finds No Evidence Of 'Dead' Voters

Allegations of "dead" people voting have fueled arguments that a photo ID is needed to stop fraud at the polls.

The Dialogue Around Gay Marriage In Black Churches

A bill that could legalize same-sex marriage has cleared the Maryland House and is expected to pass in the Senate. A majority of black clergy in the state argue that same-sex marriage conflicts with the teachings of the Bible, but some pastors have spoken out in support of the bill.