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Rubio's New York Admirer Isn't Exactly Welcome

Rubio's push on immigration overhaul is getting him all kinds of attention. But some of it, he probably would be just as happy without.
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Analysis: Agencies, Contractors Ramp Up Planning For Sequester

Federal agencies and contractors alike are intensifying preparations for a possible sequester, a huge swath of budget cuts that could go into effect at the end of February. Government Executive's Tom Shoop outlines the latest.  


Immigration: Did Senators Get It Right?

After years of false starts, national leaders finally seem ready to overhaul the nation's immigration system. A group of bipartisan senators released a new immigration proposal this week and President Obama seemed to endorse it. Guest host Celeste Headlee asks a former immigration official, does the proposal offer real solutions?

Disgraced Former Gov. Mark Sanford Is Ready To Make Another Move

The former South Carolina governor hopes to make a comeback by winning a special election to his old House seat. He'll have to overcome a large field filled with current officeholders and quasi-celebrities such as Ted Turner's son and Stephen Colbert's sister

Latino Voters Help Push Immigration Changes Forward

President Obama told a friendly audience in Las Vegas Tuesday that the prospects are bright for an overhaul of immigration laws, now that bipartisan congressional leaders are on board. The new sense of urgency comes after Latinos turned out in large numbers last fall to help re-elect the president.