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At Winter Gathering, GOP Asks: Where Do We Go From Here?

But Republican leaders say there won't be a sudden about-face in policy, despite recent disappointments at the polls. The party is focusing on message, technology and grass-roots organizing at its meetings in Charlotte, N.C.
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The Politics Hour

Former D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams stops by to chat about the future of the District.


Will Big Government Make A Comeback?

President Obama offered a more full-throated defense of government in his inaugural address than has been heard from a major politician in a generation. Obama may be seeking to shift debate from defending programs to praising the value of government as a whole.

Democrats Unveil Bill To Ban Assault-Style Weapons

The legislation would effectively reinstate a ban that was in effect from 1994 into 2004. But the bill faces long odds on Capitol Hill.

Does The First Lady Have Political 'Gravitas?'

Host Michel Martin talks about first lady Michelle Obama's agenda and challenges for the next four years. She checks in with Maria Teresa Kumar of Voto Latino, and Lonnae O'Neal Parker who recently wrote about feminists' response to Michelle Obama for The Washington Post.

Politics And Kim Kardashian's Business In Bahrain

As President Obama starts his second term, Tell Me More examines unfinished business from his first four years in office. Host Michel Martin looks at Bahrain. The small island country plays an important geo-political role (and Kim Kardashian owns a milkshake shop there).