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Dressage Enthusiasts Find Romney-Driven Attention A Mixed Blessing

When a horse co-owned by the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was named to the U.S. Olympic team, the small American dressage community thought the publicity would help the little-known sport. But the increased interest has come with a sharp edge.

For July, Romney Fundraising Outpaces Obama Yet Again

Republican Mitt Romney's overall take for July was $101.3 million, compared with $75 million for President Obama's re-election effort.
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Program Looks To Attract New Farmers To Montgomery County

A new program being proposed in Montgomery County would offer mentorships for new farms just starting up in the area, and also match up would-be farmers with land owners looking to lease.


Republican Convention Speakers Include Old And New Faces

Republicans slated to speak at the convention in Tampa include 2008 nominee John McCain and Condoleezza Rice, the Bush administration secretary of state and national security adviser. The list also includes two up-and-comers who highlight diversity in the GOP governors' ranks.

7 Things To Watch Before Election Day

The presidential election is now three months away. While there undoubtedly will be lots of unscripted surprises between now and Nov. 6, here are the predictable pivot points.
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America's Ally: What's Next For Ethiopia

We explore the political climate in Ethiopia, a strong U.S. ally.

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Senate Committee Reaches Deal On Tax Credits Before Recess

Before leaving town for a month, Senate lawmakers managed to cobble together a bipartisan compromise on tax credits, but it's unclear if it would gain any traction in the House. 

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Congress Leaves For Recess Without 'Cleaning House'

Congressional lawmakers are officially on August recess, but some local representatives are criticizing their peers for leaving town with so much unfinished business still on the table.


The United States Of America ... All Ten Of Them

The way we elect a president necessitates that the candidates have to campaign only in the so-called "battleground states." Here is the list of the 10 states that will determine the November winner, and how they voted in the past.