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Inmate Polls Well Against Obama In West Virginia Primary

Keith Judd was able to get on the ballot, even though he's in a Texas prison, because of West Virginia's liberal ballot access laws. Democrats there showed their discontent with the president by giving Judd 41 percent of the vote.
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House Unlikely To Pass Obama's Tax Breaks Package

President Obama's latest attempt to grow the economy using tax breaks is likely to stall in the House, previewing a political dynamic likely to last for the remainder of the election cycle.

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Betting The Odds: D.C. Sending Large Delegation To Vegas Conference

The D.C. Council is sending a large cadre of representatives to an annual retail and real estate conference in Las Vegas this year, in hopes of making some major deals for the city.


Road To The White House Goes Through Michigan

There is a battle underway on the presidential campaign trail over Michigan's economic recovery. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says President Obama is given too much credit for helping the domestic auto industry. President Obama has made the auto industry's turnaround a central point of his re-election campaign.

North Carolina Voters Pass Gay Marriage Ban

In North Carolina Tuesday, voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. North Carolina becomes the 30th state to pass a measure outlawing same-sex marriage.

Mayor Barrett To Face Gov. Walker In Recall Election

Voters in Wisconsin Tuesday, chose the Democrat who will face Republican Governor Scott Walker in next month's gubernatorial recall election. The winning Democrat was Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Sen. Lugar's 36-Year Career Ends With Primary Loss

Republican Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana has lost his bid for re-election. In Tuesday's primary, he was defeated by Tea Party challenger Richard Mourdock.