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A Year From Debt Ceiling Debacle, What's Changed?

A year has passed since the debt ceiling debacle in Washington, D.C. The showdown cost the U.S. its AAA credit rating and sent the stock market and President Obama's approval ratings plunging. Since then, the market and the president have recovered somewhat.

Romney Flunks Obama On Economy; President Mocks GOP 'Tax Cut Fairy Dust'

Hitting the campaign trail again after his trip abroad, Mitt Romney unveiled an economic scorecard against President Obama in Colorado. While in battleground Florida, Obama mocked Romney's plan as "trickle down tax cut fairy dust."

Eying Recess, Congress Leaves Behind Stack Of Bills

With summer vacation beckoning on Friday, Congress tried to finish up some business on farm programs and other pressing matters — generally by delaying larger decisions until later.
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Readers' Review: "Presumed Innocent" By Scott Turow

For our August Readers' Review: Scott Turow's first legal thriller. It brings to life one man's nightmare as he faces conviction for the murder of his lover. Join Diane and her guests to discuss "Presumed Innocent."


Head Of Embattled ATF Says Running Bureau 'Testing All Of My Skill Sets'

Nearly a year ago, Justice Department leaders turned to B. Todd Jones to solve one of their most urgent problems: a crisis at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. In a rare interview with NPR, Jones discusses the unique challenges of his job.
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Debate Over Automatic Spending Cuts (Rebroadcast)

The White House says it's preparing federal agencies for possible year-end mandated spending cuts. Debate over how sequestration could affect the government, military and economy.

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Lawmakers Hope Appointment Process Gets Streamlined

Lawmakers quietly approved legislation that removes the Senate confirmation requirement for around 170 executive branch officials which had been tied up in a hyper-partisan stalemate.

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Rising Home Prices In The U.S.

For the first time in seven years, home prices are going up. What fewer foreclosures, record low mortgage rates and renewed investor enthusiasm mean for the U.S housing market and the overall economy.