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Iran, Israel, Defense Cuts To Be Key Topics At Hagel Hearing

The former Nebraska senator faces the Senate Armed Services Committee. After some initial doubts, the conventional wisdom in Washington is that he's likely to be confirmed. But Hagel will face some sharp questions about his views on key issues.

Cabinet Picks Show A Shift In How U.S. Wages War

The White House has emphasized that incoming Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel — both Vietnam veterans — understand the full cost of war. President Obama says that makes them the right choice for their jobs, as the U.S. moves away from big wars to a targeted approach.

Will Economic Contraction Affect Debate Over Sequester?

Federal spending cuts may have hurt the U.S. economy's fourth-quarter growth. But don't count on that changing the dynamics of the current debate over the sequester, the ax poised to start hacking $1.2 trillion from federal spending if Congress fails to stop it by the March 1 deadline.

LaPierre Fights To Stop The 'Nightmare' Of Background Checks

The National Riffle Association's top lobbyist told senators that federal authorities need to enforce existing gun laws, not punish the "little people" with new regulations.

The Controversy Surrounding Hagel's Confirmation

In an interview with former Middle East peace negotiator Aaron David Miller in 2006, then-Sen. Chuck Hagel made a controversial statement about the "Jewish lobby." On the eve of Hagel's confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Miller argues that it's time to let those comments go.