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Obama Speech Expected To Flesh Out Climate Proposals

The big surprise in President Obama's inaugural address was his attention to climate change. What will the president's State of the Union address say about clean energy and global warming?

Critics Question Witness List Ahead Of Immigration Hearing

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro on Tuesday may be one of the few to call for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Some worry that the House hearing signals Republicans' continued opposition to compromise.

Obama: Lawmakers Must Feel Like They Have To Act Against Gun Violence

President Obama traveled to Minneapolis to push his proposal to reduce gun violence on Monday.

Political Chat: Gun Control And The Senate

The debate over gun control continues to dominate the headlines. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate doubles the number of African-American members by welcoming William 'Mo" Cowan. He replaces John Kerry. Host Michel Martin talks politics with Republican strategist Ron Christie and Keli Goff, political correspondent for The Root.