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Guide For The Day: An Election Day Timeline

The final day in the 2012 political marathon has arrived. Here's an hour-by-hour guide to key times across the nation on Election Day.

GOP Eyes Gains As Voters In 11 States Pick Governors

While the occupant of the governor's office is historically far less important than the party that controls the state legislature, top state officials in coming years are expected to wield significant influence in at least one major area: health care.

Voters To Settle Tight And Turbulent Presidential Battle

Americans go to the polls today to choose the winner of the long, expensive and bitter race between President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The outcome is expected to be determined by a handful of battleground states, and perhaps only one.

Florida's New Battleground: The State Supreme Court

Every six years, Florida voters decide whether the state's Supreme Court justices get to keep their seats on the bench. Typically, these votes generate little public interest, but this year, Florida's Republican Party and outside political groups are targeting three justices for defeat.

How Sandy's Path Could Chart A Course For Romney's Victory

The superstorm began its destructive tour of the American mainland in Florida, and that's where the GOP presidential nominee needs to begin his march on election night. Other states in its path included North Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire, states where Mitt Romney has a strong chance.

When Will We Know Who Won?

Everybody tries to predict who will win.What we wonder, though, is when will we know whether it will be President Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney taking the oath of office next January? See if you can correctly predict.

Last Of The Early Voters In Ohio Make A Scene

At the polls Sunday, reporter Karen Kasler encountered a carnival-like atmosphere — including dancing people dressed in Sesame Street costumes, a Lincoln impersonator, mimes and food trucks.

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of This Year's Campaign Ads

As the election season ends, so does the ad season. With millions spent and zillions of spots, do any ads stand out as memorable? Did they sway any voters? What does Madison Avenue say about their effectiveness and what makes an ad stick in the mind?

Ohio Senate Race One Of The Most Expensive In U.S.

The battle for control of the U.S. Senate has been expensive; no place more so than Ohio. Outside groups have spent more tens of millions dollars on the seat.