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October Surmise: Predicting The Next President

Predicting a presidential winner is one of America's favorite pastimes, and not just for political pundits. One theory is based on whether you're from a "football state" or a "baseball state." And, of course, there are Halloween mask sales. And this year, Chia candidates.

What's For Dinner? Fueling A Presidential Debate

Both candidates fueled up on potatoes and meat last night as they prepared for the debate at separate Marriotts near Hofstra University. But did what they choose to eat help their performance? We asked an expert to weigh in.

Speechwriters Size Up Round 2

The stakes were high for both candidates as President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in their second debate Tuesday night. Host Michel Martin speaks with two former speechwriters: Paul Orzulak, who helped Vice President Joe Biden prepare for his debate, and columnist Mary Kate Cary who worked with the George H.W. Bush administration.

Debate Watchers Get A Town Brawl

A group who gathered Tuesday in Las Vegas to watch the presidential debate saw a base-rousing spectacle of Barack Obama's and Mitt Romney's dislike for each other.
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Cuba Eases Travel Restrictions

For the first time in 50 years, the Cuban government has eased travel restrictions for its citizens. Please join us to discuss who may leave, for how long and what the new rules could signal about Cuba's future.

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Coburn's 'Wastebook' Outlines Possible Budget Cuts

Sen. Tom Coburn, one of the "Gang of Eight" senators hoping to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, pointed out 18 programs full of unnecesary government spending in his annual "Wastebook." 


Close Read: NPR Reporters Examine Second Debate

A team of NPR correspondents joins Renee Montagne to give Tuesday night's presidential debate a Close Read. The second meeting was a town hall-style debate and covered a wide range of issues. The reporters include: John Ydstie, Julie Rovner, Michele Kelemen, Jeff Brady and Ted Robbins.

How Will Sequestration Affect The Federal Budget?

Last week, Morning Edition looked at possible cuts to the Defense Department as part of what's known as sequestration. Next, we examine the effect of across-the-board spending cuts on the rest of the federal budget. One analyst says right off the top expect a 15 percent reduction in the federal workforce.

Take-Charge Obama Shows Up For Second Debate

Two weeks ago, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was seen as the clear winner of that debate. A very different President Obama showed up for the second debate. He went hard after his Republican opponent from the very start.