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Perry-Romney Feud Over Illegal Workers Took Oddly Long Time To Develop

With all the time he's had to prepare since 2008, you might have thought Mitt Romney would by now have a more persuasive defense to the charge that illegal immigrants once worked on his Massachusetts property. And with all the news coverage the issue got in the 2008 presidential campaign, you might have also thought Texas Gov. Rick Perry would have used the well-documented story sooner.

Fact-Checking GOP Debate, Campaign YouTube Videos

Health care, illegal immigration and taxes dominated the GOP debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night. Meanwhile, YouTube videos are becoming a staple of campaigns, but can voters trust them? Michel Martin speaks with GOP strategist Mindy Finn to see how candidates fared during the debate. Also, Martin and PolitiFact.com's Bill Adair discuss who told the truth and who didn't, and how GOP presidential hopefuls are using the Internet to deliver political messages.

School Lunch Potato Fight Gets The Colbert Treatment

A few hours after the Senate reached a deal on potatoes in schools, comedian Stephen Colbert took to the airwaves to display what sounded like some long-repressed middle school angst over being separated from his beloved 'tots.'

From 9-9-9 To Immigration: Fact-Checking The GOP's Nevada Debate

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas: PolitiFact offers a reality check on squads some of the candidates' statements from the GOP debate.

GOP Contenders Hold 'Raucous' Debate In Vegas

On the morning after, the consensus seems to be that it was a slugfest in Sin City as the contenders went after each other. At one point, Perry and Romney ended up face-to-face in a heated exchange about immigration.

Sides Debate U.S. Record Number Of Deportations

The federal government deported nearly 400,000 people in the last fiscal year, and more than half of those deported were convicted criminals. Critics say the Obama administration is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration. While others say the government is coming down too hard on immigrant communities — breaking up families and too often deporting people who've done little or nothing wrong.

Ask Nevada: Do Low Taxes, Less Regs Create Jobs?

Las Vegas played host to Tuesday night's GOP presidential debate. In 2008, Nevada voted heavily in favor of Barack Obama. But the state has suffered greatly during the economic downturn which may play into the upcoming 2012 election. David Damore, a professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, talks to Ari Shapiro about the importance of Nevada in national politics.

GOP Voters In Arizona Grade The Candidates' Debate

Members of the Saddlebrooke Republican Club — former business people, ex-military and government workers who retired to Arizona from all over — watched the presidential hopefuls on TV. They said no candidate stood out as the clear winner but that the top issue this election is jobs.

Gloves Come Off At GOP Debate In Las Vegas

Republican presidential candidates took turns explaining why they think Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is really a big zero. And Mitt Romney and Rick Perry swapped criticism in unusually personal and biting terms.