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5 Questions About Justice Department Memo On Targeted Killings

A confidential Justice Department white paper outlines legal theories the Obama administration has used to justify killing American citizens abroad.
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Mayor Gray To Deliver State Of The District Tuesday Night

Mayor Vincent Gray will lay out his priorities for the year at the annual State of the District address tonight in downtown D.C.

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Virginia Senate Panel Backs Moratorium On Drones

A Virginia Senate panel approved a two-year moratorium on the use of drone aircraft on Monday, putting the issue up for a vote in the House and Senate today.


Obama Calls For Small Package Of Cuts, Tax Changes To Head Off 'Sequester'

A March 1 deadline looms. That's when deep, automatic federal spending cuts are set to kick in. The president is asking for a small package that the White House says would give Congress more time to reach a permanent solution to budget problems.

Overhauling Immigration: Asians Matter Too

The national conversation about overhauling immigration often focuses on Latino immigrants. But what works for one ethnic group may not be ideal for all. Host Michel Martin finds out what Asian immigrants want most from immigration reform.

Lonely And Frustrated: These May Be The Worst Jobs In Politics

There are always losers in politics. But even some of the winners wind up so badly outnumbered that accomplishing anything is a rare treat. On the surface, their jobs might seem so hopeless that you wonder why anyone took them on.